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About Us

About the Ghana Legal Web Library

The Ghana Legal Web Library is an online repository and resource centre of all legislation and judicial decisions made in Ghana. The platform provides the official and most comprehensive access to all legal documents available to all stakeholders and users of the Justice System in Ghana. Ghana, being a member of the Commonwealth of States relies on decisions of Courts applying the principles of common law and equity in taking judicial decisions. Access to justice requires easy access to legislation, judicial decisions and supporting rules and regulations and judicial commentaries.

This is especially crucial for Ghana’s governance structure which practices a dual legal system made up of the customary law and the "common law." The difficulties in accessing key laws, court judgements and related judicial documents in Ghana for the Bench at all levels of the Court hierarchy, the Bar and court users impedes the efficient and effective administration of justice. In an increasingly digital world, it is of great essence for the Judiciary and the Judicial Service to have a web-based library which will enhance prompt access to legal research documents.

The Legal Web Library is a result of a partnership between the Judiciary and Judicial Service, and the Council for Law Reporting. The establishment of the Library was made possible through the generous support of the European Union, under its Accountability, Rule of law and Anti-corruption Programme (ARAP)."

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